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The word is out in California!RAIN coffee feel good

FUSED coffee is a delicious and healthy way to start your morning and appreciate the potential of seed-infused “feel good” coffee.


Rain International has found a way to take a delicious cup of coffee and infuse each bean with our proprietary seed blend. We are the first to have made this kind of breakthrough. It permits us to take an already tempting cup of coffee and develop an enhanced, super­ source of powerful nutrition.

Our extraction system preserves the delicate nutritive features contained in each seed to ensure the nutrients are present in the infusion. Our cold-press process also makes the seed oils and extracts much smaller, which is crucial. If the oil is not small enough, it cannot squeeze into the microscopic pores of the coffee bean.

I’m independent Rain distributor Pol vanRhee, and I would love to introduce you to FUSED coffee. I have been selling FUSED in California since 2017 and I can answer any questions you have about Rain products and our work at home income opportunity. The Rain sales process is simple to learn and execute.

Introduce FUSED to your network so that everyone in your circle of influence can start feeling good!

The Rain lucrative opportunity allows you to earn extra money and network in our community. Call me at (408) 390-4876 or email me at to learn how you can bring FUSED coffee home to San Jose coffee lovers!

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My name is Pol vanRhee, and I am a Rain Partner. I sell industry-leading seed-based nutrition including Form and Fused online and in California, Silicon Valley.

If you are interested in seed-based nutrition and the incredible advantages it offers, call me at the number below.

I have limited supplies on-hand and can make special orders for interested parties. Some limits apply.

For more information about seed nutrition and the Rain International opportunity, visit: Official California Rain International Seed-based Nutrition Information.

Call me for Details:

Pol vanRhee
Rain Seed Distributor
(408) 390-4876

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