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Black Cumin Seed

Black cumin (also known as Black Seed, or Nigella sativa) has a history that spans over 2500 years, making this ingredient one of the safest plant extracts for human consumption. Black cumin seed is an adaptogen – meaning it has the ability to increase the human body’s resistance, which protects it from various health challenges.

Clinical trials have shown that black seed oil may help maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels already within normal range, along with many other health benefits, and is considered to be one of the most healthful herbs of all time.*

Black Raspberry Seed

Black raspberry seeds contain antioxidant-like phytonutrients including ellagitannins and anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants that help support many bodily functions and overall good health.*

Antioxidants seek out and eliminate cell-damaging substances, called free radicals. Free radicals can occur naturally in the body or from exposure to environmental toxins.

Although ellagitannins exist in most berries, raspberries contain the most potent levels.

Chardonnay Grape Seed

Grape seeds have an abundant source of flavonoids called proanthocyanidins. This is important for brain health due to their free radical-quenching antioxidant and collagen-protecting effects.*

Proanthocyanidins have also been shown to noticeably delay the onset of lipid peroxidation and to effectively chelate iron ions. Free iron ions are some of the most powerful promoters of lipid peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radical production, supporting brain health.


D-Ribose is a five-carbon sugar found in every cell in our bodies that combines with oxygen and ATP (adenosine triphoshate) to give energy to each cell. Ribose is also present in RNA (ribonucleic acid), which is one of the main information carriers of living organisms.

Oxidative stress, is measured by free radical damage to cells. Fortunately, our bodies handle this problem daily. However, if our bodies experience an abnormal increase in free radicals due to exercise, daily stress, excess smoking, excess saturated fat intake, depressed immune system, aging, etc., the body becomes fatigued and less efficient in producing D-Ribose to replenish cellular energy. Because of this, we need to supplement with D-Ribose in order to regenerate the cells energy system.*

Soul Is The First Supplement Of Its Kind

Soul is the first product in the entire seed-based nutrition category in the network marketing industry. This product invented the category and is changing supplements by not featuring just one exotic plant or fruit, but the most concentrated source of nutrition of many plants–their seeds.


Soul features the nutritive ingredients of the black cumin seed, the black raspberry seed, the chardonnay grape seed. These seeds have been studied extensively for their health benefits and some have been found to be so effective that their compounds are used as natural medicines in Europe (What is Legalon and Mengs).


Soul ingredients are non-genetically modified organisms, meaning that they don’t have lab-altered DNA to include harmful pesticides that are later ingested and absorbed by people. The nutrition in them is what came from nature naturally.

Gold Certified

RAIN coffee feel goodBrunswick Labs, an independent bioanalytical laboratory serving the nutraceutical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, has found soul to be an effective nutritional supplement that supplies powerful antioxidants and promotes health. soul’s formula provides a synergistic blend of omega-3s and -6s and D-ribose.
Soul’s benefits are potent due to the cold-press process which does not damage the nutrition found in seeds, unlike harsh chemical or high heat processes. These benefits include: increased energy, neutralizing free radicals with powerful antioxidants, immunity support, better sleep, effective exercise recovery, and the list goes on.* Soul has third party research and testing that continues to impress. The Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant testing results amaze even the independent labs!


Cell-based trials are analytical tests, which use cells cultivated in a lab. They provide two primary types of information. First, they reveal how much of a particular substance is absorbed into a cell. Second, they measure the performance of the substance in relation to a specific outcome, such as the reductino of oxidative damage or inflammation.

soul with cell-based trials that measure these primary cellular mechanisms: anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and antioxidant.


The Cellular Anti-Inflammatory Assay is a test that determines the anti-inflammatory potential of a given material in human cells. In this study, an inflammatory component (tumor necrosis factor alpha TNF-a) is introduced to two separate groups of human cells to trigger inflammation. Next, the material under investigation is introduced to one of the groups and the effects are compared and monitored. The maximum percentage of inflammation inhibition caused by tested materials is reported.


Cellular Anti-Aging Assay (SIRT1): SIRT1 is a protein that is believed to play important roles in longevity. These studies have triggered the search for SIRT1 activators that may be used as dietary supplements to promote health, longevity, and anti-aging.


RAIN coffee feel goodIn CAA (Cellular Antioxidant Assay), a fluorescent probe is placed inside of representative human cells and illuminates damage from oxygen radicals. Without antioxidant material present inside of the cells, oxygen radicals permeate through the cell membrane and damage the cells and the marker probe. This process is reduced when antioxidants are present inside of the cells. The cellular antioxidant effect of the test material is then measured by assessing the preservation effect of the marker probe in the presence of the test material absorbed inside of the cells.

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